Monday, November 16, 2009

wanna try this.........

blueberry cheesecake....

nmpak mcm sedap possible ke ak bleh wat dgn jaya nyer..kos mcm tnggi jer, its ok utk mngisi msa lpang..mana tau ada bkat...bleh bkak kedai kek sndri....huhu

The ingredients..
The Crust:
2 cups (190 grams) of Digestive biscuits (Blend whole cookies in a food processor
1/4 cup (50 grams) granulated white sugar
1/2 cup (114 grams) unsalted butter, melted
Knead all the ingredients together until they become cookie dough

The Filling:
1 kg Philadelphia cream cheese. (Room temperature)
1 cup (200 grams) castor sugar
3 tablespoons (40 grams) all purpose flour
5 large eggs. (Room temperature
1/3 cup (80 ml) whipping cream
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
½ teaspoon of salt

Canned blueberry paste. Alternatively, you can use strawberry paste.
This is the way it's done..
Grease spring form pan with butter. Make sure that the spring form pan is well greased as cracking can occur if the cheesecake sticks to the sides as it cools

For Base Crust:
Press the cookie dough evenly over the bottom and about 2cm up the sides of the spring form pan. Cover and refrigerate while you make the filling.

For Cheesecake Filling:
In bowl of your electric mixer place the cream cheese, sugar, and flour. Beat on low speed until smooth. Scrape down the bowl as needed. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well (about 30 seconds) after each addition. Scrape the sides of the bowl again. Add the whipping cream, lemon juice, vanilla extract and beat until incorporated. Remove the crust from the refrigerator and pour in the filling.

Now it's time to bake...
Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius. Place the pan in the centre of the oven and lower the oven temperature to 120 degrees Celsius and continue to bake for about another 2 hours. (Away from direct heat as far as possible)

The cheesecake will be firm and only the center of the cheesecake looks a little wet and wobbly. (trust me, it's done) Remove from oven and place on a wire rack.
Let cool before covering with plastic wrap and refrigerating. This cheesecake tastes best after being refrigerated for at least a day.

Final touch...
Brush the sides of the cheesecake with melted chocolate.
Spread the blueberry paste on top of the cheesecake and refrigerate it again for another hour at least. (If the top of your cheesecake still cracks, the blueberry topping will hide them)

pray 4 me...smoga mnjadi.....huhu


  1. ingtkan ko yg bt kek tu..baru nk whao..rupanya baru nk try..tertipu pada pndangan pertama..anyway..semuga maju jaya =)

  2. thanx al....i will....wlaupun cam nak give up..huhu

  3. philadelphia cream cheese satu pack tuh 11 ringgit la(aku dpt 10 kat convenient store kat rumah aku). 4 pack dah 44. digestive biscuit takde tanda halal so slalunye aku replace ngan biskot iko. and aku tak letak sugar sebab iko tu dah ade rase. blueberries mahal. blueberry paste senang dpt kat cold storage. tp mahal. slalunye kalo aku buat cheesecake, bajet aku mesti lebey dr 50. and cake tin kene besar.

    p.s cheese cakes are dead easy to make and usually never fail to taste good. and yeah, refrigerate for 1 day will concentrate the taste, which will make it so much better. try it!! you will want to bake more cakes afterwards!

  4. And i don't bake for 2 hours. I bake until the top turns golden, that's the main indication that the cheesecake is well baked!

  5. thanx khom..........i'll xtau arr busy right now....btw....ak still xleh view ur blog arr....why r...?

  6. sbb aku nye blog diprivatekan la. x yah la bace. tak best pon.

  7. oh...xpe arr kalu cmtu khom...sob3...huhu...
    al..tgh xde idea arr nk tlis pasal apa...t ada bnda best ak post arr yer.....huhu...